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I am thrilled to introduce this customer focused service, allowing art purchases to be manageable, accessible and enjoyable. 

Art Money offers interest free credit for art buyers on art priced between $750 - $50 000. 
The application process is user friendly. Simply choose your art work (if your piece is just under the $750, you are able to purchase multiple pieces to get you over the minimum amount if you desire). Apply for Art Money credit here and then the gallery (thats us) will finalise your application. 

You will be required to pay an initial 10% installment to the gallery, after which you will receive your artwork (note that shipping is additional). 
The following 9 interest free payments are made directly to Art Money. 

We provide a commission to Art Money who pay us immediately so we can pay the artist straight away too. It's a win win. 

They have a fantastic customer dashboard that you are able to monitor to your payments and instant, online applications if you choose to buy further art over that period. 

I am so excited about the doors that this option opens to everyday New Zealanders who would like to collect their own art treasures but in a way that doesn't mean the rest of their life grinds to a halt! 


Please contact me for further information or the artwork/s you would like to purchase with Art Money credit. 

Julia on or 027 265 6216
Explore the full Art Money website here. 

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