This is the first time I have offered prints of my detailed work.   Scaled slightly smaller than the original, the detail is exciting.

Giclée prints on archival paper.
Total size 800 mm x 800 mm 

Available as print only or framed. 


OVERLAP is a collection of 33 mixed media on board works by Alexandra Weston 


“these artworks were created continuously and in no particular order.  Numerous techniques were layered to produce intense texture, colour was added delicately and removed aggressively and vice versa.  Each piece branched off on its own journey while still overlapping or having common ground with the rest of the collection.  Most of the pieces are smaller in size, to me, nothing is more powerful than a beautifully hung artwork that holds its own and doesn't rely on volume to do so’.


Studio Home Art House Alexandra

Alexandra Weston's work is a marvel.

From a distance her large scale pieces appear to be pattern… on closer inspection, you will find incredible layers and colour combinations in meticulously placed, painterly dots.

Commonly working on perspex and for the very first time releasing limited edition prints, it is a treat to view this Lyttelton artists work in person!




Now in its 30th year, this legendary event showcases over 750 works from more than 140 contemporary NZ artists, both established and emerging.

The Art Show commences with our fabulous Opening Night Gala Event on Friday, 17th May. This sell-out evening is fully catered by Gattings and is a highlight of the Art Show weekend. Not only are you assured of a fun night out with friends, but also the first opportunity to purchase art offered for sale.


The Vauxhall School Exhibition of Fine Art (VEFA) is held every two years and is the school’s major fundraiser. VEFA celebrates the vitality and vibrancy of the arts and the flow-on benefits art provides our children and community.  Since its inception in 2007 by artist parents at the school, VEFA has grown into a popular art event supported by New Zealand artists and enjoyed by thousands of visitors from all over Auckland. 

We are thrilled to welcome many leading artists back to VEFA this year including Rob Tucker, Derek Henderson, Michel Tuffery, Reuben Paterson, Hayley King (Flox), Jenni Stringleman, Cathy Carter, Kiya Nancarrow, Greer Clayton, Ray Haydon, Anna Stitchbury, Matt Payne, Simon McIntyre, Bronwyn Abbott and John Parker as well as many other popular and emerging artists. 



The SQUARECONFETTI series of original artwork is influenced by daily scenes where objects are en masse; a street crowd, a cluster of buildings, displayed produce for example. Each piece represents how objects interact with each other, complimenting, contrasting and layering to create a collective image.


The method of applying paint to the reverse side of an acrylic sheet results in the first brush strokes being most obvious and reducing from there, quite the opposite to traditional painting. The artworks have a clean, simple two dimensional finish that draws the viewer in.