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Im joy seeking colourist artist Alexandra,  Im based in Lyttelton, New Zealand.

My buoyant work reflects my constant search for delight in the mundane and everyday.  

A curious use of colour, an extraordinary interest in detail and generous allowance of time give my work big depth.


For my Pöttyök, Squareconfetti, Common Thread and Networked pieces I paint on the reverse side of perspex, resulting in the work being at the back of the acrylic sheet when viewed.  This style is one I have played with and explored since 2009.  I also paint on perspex, as if it is board, for my landscapes and textured work. 


Involved in the design and styling industry while residing in fragrant Hong Kong, I honed my skills, becoming a full time artist in 2017.  I have since shown my work at a number of solo and group exhibitions, in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland and I sell to collectors in all corners of the world.




Wow! We have just opened the packaging (amazingly wrapped - thank you) and seen the painting. I love it so much and the colours are just totally perfect. Thank you so much. 

Thank you so much for making this commission such a pleasurable process. 

Kirsty Bunny, Kirsty Bunny Management

Professional acting and model agency, Wellington, NZ 

"Alexandra Westons' work is a marvel. From a distance her large scale pieces appear to be pattern… on closer inspection, you will find incredible layers and colour combinations in meticulously placed, painterly dots. Commonly working on perspex and for the very first time releasing limited edition prints, it is a treat to view this Lyttelton artists work in person!"


Julia Atkinson-Dunn, Studio Home ART HOUSE

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