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I enjoy the teamwork aspect of commissions and have collaborated with a number of art collectors and business owners to create an original piece.

Its a simple process that might starts with a quick photograph from you, the collector, of the space and wall where the work might hang.  This can help us establish the right size.  Or if you're like me and you change what is hanging on a regular basis then perhaps we don't need to be so specific.  Often offices and commercial spaces have size constraints.

The most important step for me is hearing your unedited description of which pieces of my work caught your eye and why.  And images of objects, places, colour combinations, interiors etc that you love, this is super helpful.

We then discuss layouts I use: Pöttyök v Squareconfetti v Networked until I get a good feel what you might be visualising.   Matte or gloss?  We can chat about this.  Screen shot my website, send me whatever it takes to get your point across.


Once  I have started  and there is some cohesion of colour and composition I begin flicking a photograph or two of the work to you to share in the progresses.  

As completion is near, usually two weeks for a smaller piece to one month for something large we talk frames.


Balance is paid on the completion of the work and I then deliver.  My shipping option is very good, the company I use provides me with an extremely competitive rate.

Just like that!  Its a simple, joyful process!

To begin, I require a 50% deposit.  Prices include GST and are in NZ dollars.


In these styles of work I apply the paint to the reverse side of perspex.  

Layering colour the image builds depth and coverage but the first applications of paint will remain the most obvious - quite different to more traditional painting.


When complete the work is framed to be viewed from the unpainted, clean side.  

I like to think of it that the hours of work are captured behind and that the careful colour selection is what the viewer is drawn to see.   

I work with both matte and gloss perspex.  The matte means an intentionally blurred finish.

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