I enjoy the teamwork aspect of commissions and have collaborated with a number of home and business owners to create the ideal work for their needs.

Its a simple process that usually starts with a quick photograph from my client of the space and wall where the work will hang.  If you are local, I will visit.  This allows us to establish the size of the piece.

We then discuss colour, technique such Pöttyök vs Squareconfetti until I get a good feel what my client is visualising.   Once there is some cohesion of colour and composition I begin flicking a photograph or two of the work for the client to check as it progresses.  

As completion is near, usually two weeks for a smaller piece to one month for something large we talk frames.  Balance is paid on the completion of the work and I then deliver.

Its a simple, joyful process.

To begin, I require a 50% deposit.  Prices include GST and are in NZ dollars.

Im flexible on sizing but to give you an idea of pricing, I have calculated the following:

600mm x 600mm  $910 

600mm x 1000mm  $1450

900mm x 900mm  $1920

800mm x 1200mm  $2550

1200mm x 1200mm  $4410

These prices include framing




In these two styles of work I apply the paint to the reverse side of perspex.  

Layering colour the image builds depth and coverage but the first applications of paint will remain the most obvious - quite different to more traditional painting.


When complete the work is framed to be viewed from the unpainted, clean side.  

I like to think of it that the hours of work are captured behind and that the careful colour selection is what the viewer is drawn to see.